Valentine's Day

Roach-Scented Candle? Bronx Zoo Wants You to ‘Name-a-Roach' for Valentine's Day

Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

It started with a "hiss" how did it end up like this?

The Bronx Zoo is again giving donors the opportunity to name its giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches after their loved ones, or whatever funny roach puns you could possibly think of.

The zoo's annual Valentine's Day "Name-a-roach" program has lasted for almost a decade and it's possibly going to continue "until death do us part."

For $50, you can gift “the works,” which includes a certificate, an adorable pair of roach-theme socks and a roach scented candle (it's unclear what these roaches smell like.) For $15 you get an electronic certificate in honor of your loved one.

The program started in 2011, and of course, not everyone donates just to honor their significant other.

"Previous names chosen have been inspired by politics, music, movies, and more," the zoo said in a statement.

Some donations are out of spite against an ex and what's a better creature than the biggest species of roaches in the world? The Madagascar hissing roaches actually make hissing noises as a defense mechanism. Relatable.

They grow up to nearly four-inches long and they're not quite as scary or as gross as your regular household roaches, which are considered pests and they definitely don't belong in an exhibit at the zoo.

The Bronx Zoo says it has thousands of the bugs to be named at its "Madagascar!" exhibit that features other creatures like lemurs and crocodiles.

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