If Gays Can't Marry in NY, Scott Stringer Won't Either

One city official is making a statement on gay marriage by refusing to get married in his home state.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says he and fiancee Elyse Buxbaum have decided to get married in Connecticut, rather than New York, because Connecticut allows same-sex unions and New York does not.

Stringer tells The New York Times the couple made the decision out of solidarity with gay friends who can't get married in their hoome state either.

New York's State Senate killed a bill seven months ago that would have allowed same-sex marriage. While many city and state politicians have decried the failure of the state to permit gay marriage, Stringer may be the first to actually boycott the institution in New York.

"This gives Elyse and I a chance to take personal responsibility," the 50-year-old pol told the Times. "If enough people who have somewhat of a profile — not just politicians, but artists and business leaders — start going into Massachusetts or Connecticut and show New York how embarrassing it is that you can’t get a marriage license for same-sex couples, then we will change things."

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