1 in a Million: Rare Identical Triplets Born at Long Island Hospital

The triplets' father said the births were "chaotic and intense," with 40 to 50 people in the delivery room

These brothers are one in a million.

Owen, Noah and Miles Fenley, an incredibly rare set of identical triplets, were born at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola on July 1, hospital officials said at a news briefing Thursday.

The infants were born about a month and a half premature and each weighed less than three pounds, but they're all healthy and already proving a welcome handful for their weary parents, who already have a 2-year-old named Aiden, hospital officials and the parents said.

"Some people hit the money lottery. We hit the genetic lottery and we couldn't be happier," said their dad, Jason Fenley, a 38-year-old attorney.

Their mother, Kelli, a 33-year-old assistant principal at a special needs school in Queens, spent more than 50 days at the hospital leading up to the delivery.

Fenley said the births were "chaotic and intense," with 40 to 50 people in the delivery room.

The Patchogue couple said that after they found out that they were having triplets in December, they wondered how they would be able to make ends meet with three extra mouths to feed.

They quickly found that their newly-bought three-bedroom house was too small and they had to trade in their pickup truck for a minivan.

Now, the parents are spending up to three hours per day just feeding the triplets, and their big brother -- who calls all three triplets Noah -- is getting used to not being the center of attention.

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Each triplet has a toenail painted a different color so their parents can tell them apart.

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