Iconic Brooklyn Diner Reopens in the Spotlight

The iconic Williamsburg diner at the corner of Lorimer and Metropolitan Ave., reopened Friday after months of insane renovations.  What was once a shabby, greasy spoon that specialized in not-so-chicken and luke-warm soup, is now a glistening beacon of deliciousness with its own mixologist.

The diner's reopening has been met with much fanfare throughout the last few weeks, and now, early reports are trickling in that things have changed ten-fold. The Williamsburg Nerd sampled the fare over the weekend, and apparently it's a pretty drastic improvement.  For starters, they're now offering appetizers - an uncommon option for most diners. 

As for service, things are looking up, but they could improve a bit more.  From the Nerd, "But small flaws aside I have to say that I'm very happy with what I found there. In the old Kellogg's you'd always had that dread of getting the wrong thing or waiting for hours to get the wrong thing that didn't taste so good. So to me this is a vast improvement and I'll defiantly be returning on late night." 

Long a magnate for late night Williamsburg stumblers, it looks like the diner will continue to hold the torch, although this time, with a little more neon.  And for this diner, more neon means more cowbell.  For more images, check out NYMag's slideshow.

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