Husband Arrested in Killing, Dismemberment of Missing Woman: NYPD

The husband of a Brooklyn woman who's been missing since January has been arrested, accused of killing and dismembering her, police say.

When Diana Rodriguez-Martin, 43, was reported missing on Monday, she was said to be last seen on Jan. 16 at her home on Linden Boulevard, police said. 

Investigators determined she'd died in an assault, then dismembered and disposed of, police said. Her husband, 42-year-old Phillip Martin, was arrested Friday. He didn't speak to reporters as he was led out of a police station in handcuffs. 

Attorney information for the man wasn't immediately available. 

Rodriguez-Martin's remains have not yet been recovered, but police say they determined she was dismembered from statements Martin made to police. Police were at their apartment Friday night, carrying boxes of evidence out of the couple's apartment. 

Neighbors said they've heard the couple fighting in the past.

"I always hear them fighting, cursing each other out, using profanity a lot," said Denise Cork. "But I never thought it would get to a point, you know, to what it is now." 

"It's unfathomable, to live in such close quarters with someone who could be capable of these things," said Perri Rodolph. "You know, it's just unfathomable." 

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