Latest Models Show Hurricane Matthew Sparing Tri-State

What to Know

  • The latest storm tracks show Hurricane Matthew heading out to sea, largely sparing the tri-state from serious impacts.
  • The storm is expected to push through the Caribbean before gliding up the coast later this week, possibly making landfall in the Carolinas.
  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley ordered an evacuation of all coastal communities in the state ahead of the storm.

The tri-state is in Hurricane Matthew's so-called "cone of uncertainty," but Storm Team 4 said models Tuesday afternoon show a diminished threat to the New York and New Jersey coastlines.

The exact path and impact of Matthew -- the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in a decade -- remains fluid as the category 4 storm roars through the Caribbean with sustained winds topping 145 mph. 

Models Tuesday afternoon show the storm tracking out to sea after delivering a blow to the Carolina coasts. But Storm Team 4 said that residents in the tri-state's coastal communities should keep a close eye on the storm.

Matthew swirled closer to Cuba Tuesday afternoon, and will continue to threaten Caribbean islands with life-threatening rain, wind and storm surges. The storm could glance central Florida late Thursday before taking aim at South Carolina and North Carolina with category-4 force winds and rain. 

Most models show the storm veering off to sea after churning through the palmetto and tar heel states. That would mean little more than rough surf on tri-state beaches. 

But if the track moves closer to shore, the storm could prove a greater threat to the region over the weekend.

If there's a silver lining to the looming clouds, its that the region will have beautiful fall weather through at least Friday, with highs topping out in the low 70s on Thursday and Friday. 

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