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Harvey Strands Houston Couple in New Jersey, Unable to Help Loved Ones Back Home

Jahqia Harrison said the images of Houston are difficult to see, knowing their loved ones are losing homes

Harvey has stranded a Houston couple in New Jersey, leaving them to watch the catastrophic storm from afar and unable to help their loved ones back home.

Kristin Harrison and her wife, Jahqia Harrison, had traveled to New Jersey for the Afropunk Festival in New York over the weekend, and they haven't been able to get a flight back to Houston because of the storm. Harvey, which has been blamed for at least three deaths in Texas, has left them wondering if they’ll even have a home to go back to.

"To see it go through what it’s going through right now, it almost doesn’t look like Houston," said Kristin Harrison, a Navy veteran. "My flight has been canceled twice already. I can’t help but think even when we’re allowed to fly into Houston how are we going to get to our residence?"

The couple have been looking at heartbreaking images of the storm's damage sent to them by friends and family. Jahqia Harrison said they are difficult to see, knowing their loved ones are losing homes and they are unable to help.

"It’s been hard," she said. "When stuff like this happens you want to be close to your family."

Harvey has paralyzed the nation's fourth-largest city as it spun into Texas as a Category 4 hurricane on Friday. And there's still no relief in sight from the storm that has dropped dozens of inches of rain in some spots, with more on the way.

Kristin and Jahqia Harrison, who are staying with family in Jersey City, won’t know what they have lost until they get back to Houston. All they can do now is watch and wait.

"Last night I had a hard time sleeping," Jahqia Harrison said. "I was scrolling my Instagram account and all I see is people crying out to be rescued."

A local disaster relief charity has offered to help the couple until they can get back to Houston.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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