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Human Teeth, Hair Found in Grill and Undercarriage of Car in NJ: Officials

Man working under car
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Human teeth were found in the grill of a car that was undergoing service at a vehicle service center in New Jersey this morning, officials told NBC New York.

Linden Police were at the Goodyear Service Center all Monday morning, after an employee reported the disturbing discovery as the car was being put up on a lift for servicing.

The teeth were first believed to be from a deer, but a forensic study of them confirmed they belonged to a human, according to Linden Mayor Derek Armstead. He told NBC New York that human hair was also discovered, in the undercarriage of the car.

The woman who owns the car told employees she had felt something, which is why she brought the car in to be looked at, Armstead said.

Police believe the female driver hit someone who died on the New Jersey Turnpike back in December, when a body was discovered that had been run over multiple times.

No charges are pending, as police believe she was unaware of what she had hit. An investigation is ongoing.

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