What Millionaires Want: Q&A w/ Top NY Matchmakers

Two top New York matchmakers share inside scoops on finding love with successful singles in the New Year!

When people talk about millionaires, many may think about the lavish lifestyle, luxurious vacations and designer clothes. But a happy and long lasting relationship requires more than money.

So how do millionares make the most important decisions in their personal lives? Lots of successful and wealthy singles use matchmaking services. 

New York was recently named the best city for singles, and we know two top New York matchmakers who provide some great -- often surprising, but helpful -- tips on how to snag a rich one.

We sit down for a Q&A with both of them.

Siggy Flicker is the head matchmaker for Model Quality Introductions in the New York tri-state area with more than a decade of matchmaking experience. Lisa Clampitt is the president of VIP Life and co-founder of the Matchmaking Institute, a book author and a professional matchmaker since 1999. 

NBC New York: Who are your millionaire clients? Why do they use a matchmaking service?

Flicker: Most of our male clients are between the ages of 35-60, have graduated from Ivy League Schools and have mastered their professions. We have clients that range from celebrities, CEOs, Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys and Inventors. What these men have is success and brains. What they don't have is TIME to find their partner.  Just like most people including myself, I go to professionals to have my hair done, my nails, my facials and so on.  The male clients hire me to weed out the garbage and find them a compatible match. Most people outsource everything else in their lives to experts, so why leave the most important part of your personal life to chance?

Clampitt: VIP Life male clients tend to range from late 20’s to mid 50’s, with varied occupations including CEOs, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, finance professionals, entertainment executives, doctors, lawyers, among others. Clients are often very busy and are ready to outsource their love life. Male clients tend to want it all, beauty, brains and a heart of gold.  However, sometimes the skills that make a man successful in business, such as being the aggressive top dog that leads all the meetings and demands attention, are less impressive on the dating scene.  A balanced conversation, curiosity about others, humor, flirtation and confidence with a touch of vulnerability are all key qualities in successful dating.

NBC New York: What are they looking for?

Flicker: Attractive, fun, polished, intelligent, classy ladies who posses “THE WHOLE PACKAGE” - beauty, brains and a body. Some men are searching for an athletic partner, or one who can travel, or a partner that has attended or has graduated from an Ivy League school. Some of our male clients have gone as far as to request a partner based on ethnicity from Asian, Latin, and American, etc.  Some of our female clients have requests such as height, age or ethnicity, and just recently I have had a female client request a male partner who plays a musical instrument.

Clampitt: Men are visual creatures to begin with and when a man has it all, his visual expectations can become even more particular.  But these days, looks alone don't cut it.  Men are looking for it all; looks, style, personality, intellectual compatibility, good nature and in the end; LOVE.  VIP Life works with the most discerning clients who are not willing to settle.

NBC New York: What are some tips on dating and keeping a millionaire?

Flicker: My advice to dating a millionaire is not to be intimidated by the word “millionaire”. Remember that if one has been chosen by me and I think you are worthy then you must be. Be truthful, Be sincere, be cool, calm and collected and most importantly, have fun and be yourself. Act like a lady and keep conversations on the first few dates light. Don't talk about failed past relationships or financial problems or politics. Remember that if it was meant to be than it is going to be.  The easy part to my job and to all that are in search of love is to remember that chemistry comes from the man above. You can't buy it. You can't create it. It just happens.  It is important never to give up and to continue to go out and date and date until you find your special someone and remember that life isn't supposed to be easy and where there is a will there is a way. Stay positive. Stay focused and enjoy the journey.

Clampitt: One of the biggest requests VIP Life gets from its male clients is that they want a sweet and genuine woman who is not angry or jaded.  Key tips on finding and keeping a millionaire are to be open, approachable, loving, fun, happy, flirtatious, curious, and light hearted especially in the beginning.  Once in a relationship, don't forget the beginning tips and never take the relationship for granted. Continue to have fun, feel sexy and remain loving. Love and business are two completely different skill sets.  A common misconception is that a millionaire has all the answers and knows exactly what he wants.  That is not always the case. We all have a desire to love and be loved and the path to a long-term healthy relationship is not always the obvious road.

NBC New York: Who are your female clients? What are the chances for an average looking gal to date a millionaire?

Flicker: Age 20-50. The chances are great. What is average for one guy could be spectacular to another.

Clampitt: From early 20’s to mid 40’s. They are beautiful and sophisticated women interested in having a long-term relationship with dynamic and attractive men that have proven their success within the business community, and these men want to meet women of exceptional beauty, grace and substantive intellect.

Beauty is to the successful man as money is to the attractive woman.  That being said, the more important question is why is marrying a millionaire so important? The less boundaries and rules you put on the game of life and love the more the world will open up with limitless possibilities.

NBC New York: What are your fees?

Flicker: Men pay $20,000 and up a year. The broad range is set based on one location or multiple locations throughout the county.  The women, if accepted pay nothing. We have full time recruiters working throughout the tri-state area searching for women that fit a certain criteria that MQI has established. After I interview the potential women, I use my gut instincts and decide whether or not that she fits the MQI criteria.

Clampitt: Fees start at $12,500 and up for men and membership is free for exceptional women who qualify to enter the database.

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