How New York City Measures Up in 2019’s Safest U.S. Cities: Report

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What to Know

  • Over 180 cities were compared in WalletHub's report on 2019's safest cities in America
  • 41 key indicators of safety were used to gauge just how safe these U.S. cities are
  • Everything from assaults per capita to natural-disaster risk levels were taken into account in WalletHub's report

Today, safety is among one of the many values that Americans are choosing to focus more closely on.

In an era when school shootings occur almost weekly and sexual assault cases are frighteningly common, it is very important that Americans inform themselves about where such dangers are most concentrated across the country.

WalletHub has conducted a study about the safest cities in America for 2019, comparing more than 180 U.S. metropolitan areas across 41 key indicators of safety from hate crimes per capita to natural-disaster risk levels, as well as nonphysical forms of danger.

On the positive side, New York City had the fewest traffic fatalities per capita in 2019. Huntington, West Virginia, and Casper, Wyoming, tied for the most.

NYC tied with Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Newark, and Chicago, for the most law enforcement employees per capita. Irvine, California had the fewest, but that city also had the fewest assaults per capita for the year. But New York City was the 86th safest in that regard.

On the other hand, the city didn't fare as well in categories like hate crimes per capita (118th), unemployment rate (110th) and percentage of households with emergency savings (106th)

New York City was ranked 61st in cities with uninsured populations. In better news, the Big Apple was 34th in regards to lowest natural-disaster risk level.

Check out the full WalletHub report for a more detailed read of 2019's safest cities in America.

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