Doppelbock on Demand: NYC Breweries Turn to Delivery, Shipping to Stay Afloat

You can now probably get your favorite New York City beer delivered to your front door, thanks to changes in the state liquor laws


What to Know

  • Breweries in New York and New Jersey are now offering delivery and shipped beer because of changes in liquor laws spurred by the pandemic
  • Others, such as Greenpoint Beer & Ale have pivoted to more retail-based operations
  • Still, at least one brewery in the city said it was still feeling the pinch from the shutdowns

Like most businesses, tri-state area breweries have been forced to close their doors to the public because of coronavirus -- but despite recent setbacks, New York and New Jersey have loosened up regulations to let bars and breweries operate more freely. 

As of March 16, NY governor Andrew Cuomo has permitted that Alcoholic beverages “may be sold for takeout from the licensed premises or may be delivered to the customer’s residence.”  

Many popular New York City breweries are offering delivery and to-go options as their main sources to continue getting beer to their customers at a quick and convenient rate.

“New York State Liquor Authority has in fact readily stepped up, and loosened up regulations regarding takeaway, to-go and packaging options,” said Ann Reilly, the executive director for the NYC Brewers Guild.

Some of the delivery companies local breweries are teaming up with include Drizly, Caviar and GrubHub. Others, such as Other Half Brewing, Torch and Crown and Gun Hill Brewing are making deliveries themselves. 

And others still, such as Evil Twin New York in Queens, Suarez Family Brewery in Hudson, New York, and Threes Brewing in Brooklyn, are shipping their beers within New York State.

In all, nearly two dozen breweries in New York City alone are now shipping or delivering suds, thanks to the change in liquor laws.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co., which opened the doors on a new space just weeks before New York City shut down - has gone another route, selling beer from several breweries to hop heads who aren’t able to get to their favorite spots outside the neighborhood. 

“We have transformed our tasting room into a takeout beer market,” said owner of Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co., Edward Raven. “We sell Greenpoint Beer and in support of all NY breweries, we sell them as well. It’s a one-stop shop for our local beer community who cannot travel.” 

Although many breweries have managed to maintain business and stay afloat, most have had to make some sacrifices in the process. 

“Due to the necessary government mandate, we took the very difficult step of laying off most of our staff,” said Joshua Stylman, CEO and Co-Founder of Threes Brewing. “From 60+ people, we were forced to go down to a small handful of essential team members, all working at reduced salaries.”

In an effort to help customers find local breweries who offer delivery and to-go options, NYC Brewers Guild is providing a regularly updated section of their website to keep everyone up to date on what their member breweries are doing in real-time. 

“Shifting quickly, being agile and figuring out how to get beer to consumers is how many breweries have managed to stay afloat and keep business moving,” Reilly said.

Here are a some New York City breweries now offering delivery or shipping beer:

Alewife Brewing: Deliveries throughout New York City; shipping across New York City

Big ALICe Brewing: Delivery in Long Island City Queens and surrounding neighborhoods via Caviar.

Bridge And Tunnel Brewery: Deliveries to northern Brooklyn and western Queens

The Bronx Brewery: Deliveries within New York City; shipping throughout New York state

Evil Twin Brewing NYC: Shipping throughout New York State

Finback Brewery: Delivery in Manhattan south of 125th Street, northern Brooklyn and Western Queens

Flagship Brewing Co.: Deliveries daily on Staten Island; Deliveries to Brooklyn on Tuesdays and Manhattan on Wednesdays

Folksbier Brauerei: Delivery in areas surrounding their Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, taphouse.

Grimm Artisanal Ales: Deliveries in Brooklyn via GrubHub and Caviar; shipping throughout New York state

Gun Hill Brewing Company: Deliveries in the Bronx

Interboro Spirts & Ales: Deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens beginning on April 22.

Kills Boro Brewing Co.: Daily deliveries on Staten Island; Saturday deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and western Queens

Kings County Brewers Collective: Weekly deliveries in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens

LIC Beer Project: Deliveries in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan; shipping throughout New York state

Mikeller NYC: Shipping throughout New York state.

Non Sequiter Beer Project: Delivery in New York City & Westchester County; shipping throughout New York state

Other Half Brewing, Brooklyn: Deliveries throughout New York City and Westchester County on a rolling basis. Customers have to buy at least one case (six 16-ounce four-packs)

Rockaway Brewing Company: Deliveries to north Brooklyn and western Queens

Strong Rope Brewery: Deliveries in Brooklyn

Threes Brewing, Brooklyn: Threes Brewing is offering same-day delivery in New York City and shipping throughout New York State. Pickup is also available.

Torch & Crown Brewing Co.: Deliveries to Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and western Queens

Transmitter Brewing Company: Deliveries via Caviar; shipping throughout New York state

Wild East Brewing Co.: Delivery in Brooklyn via Postmates.

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