Homeless Man's Golden Radio Voice Makes Him Web Star

He’s not asking for change, or food, instead a homeless man in Ohio is asking for a golden opportunity to let his voice be heard.

Originally from Brooklyn New York, a video of Ted Williams, a now homeless Ohio man is circulating across the Internet as people become privy to the golden voice.

The YouTube poster drives up to Williams along the side of the road and asks him to say something, and Williams doesn’t hesitate to jump into a typical radio announcement.

In a mini-interview Williams reveals he was inspired at the age of 14 to develop his voice after a visit to a local radio station. “The voice became something like a development over the years and I went to school for it,” said Williams.

Drugs and alcohol derailed his career and his life, but he claims to now be two years sober and looking for work as a voice over announcer. He may not have a job yet, but he’s definitely accumulating some web fame. Watch the video and listen for yourself, would you hire him?

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