Masked Home Invaders With Crowbars Tie Up Connecticut Couple, Rob Them

Three masked men armed with crowbars barged into a Connecticut home Monday night, tied up the husband and wife and stole thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry from their safe before fleeing, authorities say.

Police say the Greenwich couple went to bed around 10 p.m. About 15 minutes later they heard a noise and were confronted by the masked intruders. The robbers tied up the couple and emptied their safe.

Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray described the robbery as "very quiet, very quick and very thorough." 

No injuries were reported. Authorities said the front door of the couple's home wasn't locked and their alarm system had not been activated.

"Maybe there's a false sense of safety when you live in such a great neighborhood," said neighbor Hector Ruiz. "We probably have that sense, that we can just walk out the doors without locking the doors."

Police said that such home invasions are rare in Greenwich and that finding the perpetrators would be a top priority.

"The violation of the sanctity of someone's home is a significant crime and one which our department takes extremely seriously," Greenwich Police Capt. Mark Kordick said in a statement.

-- Danielle Elias contributed to this report. 

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