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Armed Robbers Ambush Man in His Driveway, Tie Up Wife, 3 Kids: Police

Police say the man owns a local bodega, and a preliminary investigation indicates he may have been targeted

Two armed men ambushed a Westchester County man as he pulled into his driveway, hitting him with a gun and grabbing his keys, then duct-taping his wife and three kids in their home before running off with watches and jewelry, authorities said. 

Police say the 54-year-old bodega owner got out of his car outside his Madison Avenue home in Port Chester, New York, shortly before 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and was immediately confronted by the two gun-wielding suspects. 

The victim, Felipe Veras, told News 4 on Thursday he saw the men smoking what he says was marijuana before they attacked him. 

"Two guys get me on the floor -- two guns over there, one and one," he said. 

The suspects knocked the man to the ground, snatched some cash from his pocket and grabbed the keys to his house. They ordered him to help them open the front door, where Veras' wife and three children were sleeping. 

One of the children, 11-year-old Juan, told News 4 he'd woken from the commotion.

"I just woke up and saw my brother and sister running to the hallway, so I just followed them," he said. 

"I just saw my mom crying, her sitting on the floor." 

The suspects demanded money and the keys to a safe. Veras gave them what he had: a couple hundred dollars and some jewelry. But they tied up his family anyway. 

"They told us to get down and face the floor, but then they told us to go into my sister's room" said Juan. "They tied us up and they tied together our hands, our feet, and then they put tape on our mouths." 

The armed suspects grabbed watches and jewelry before fleeing. Police say a preliminary investigation indicates the victim may have been targeted because they knew he owned a bodega and believed he had money.

Veras was left with a black eye and bruised head, but is otherwise OK. His family wasn't physically hurt but they say they're emotionally scarred.

"My little kid, they cry. They cry all night," said Veras. 

Juan said, "I'm still a little bit worried that they're gonna come back." 

Both suspects are believed to be about 20 to 30 years old. One is described as having wide, clear glasses and was last seen wearing a black bubble jacket with the brand name Marmot embroidered on the front. The other was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and black pants. 

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Port Chester police at 914-939-1000.

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