New Jersey Home Intruder Stared at Sleeping Victims While Eating Chips: Relatives, Police

A home intruder in New Jersey broke into 10 homes on the same street in under two hours, in many cases standing over and staring at his victims as they slept, police say.

O'Brien Rosario, 23, is accused of breaking into the homes in South Brunswick.

Authorities believe Rosario's drunken and drug-filled crime spree started when he broke into a car at a bar, found a license and a set of keys and went to the address to steal another car.

A relative of one of the victims said instead of burglarizing the home, Rosario just stood in a doorway, feet from where the victim slept.

"He's just standing here in the dark, eating chips. It's a bit creepy," said Abdallah Aberdeen, the nephew of the victim. 

Rosario ate chips and watched Aberdeen's uncle until a nightlight casted a shadow, waking him up and scaring Rosario away, said Aberdeen. 

"Once he knew that he was going to come after him, he just said 'everything is OK,' and walked out," said Aberdeen. 

"All of the people in the middle of the night were very scared, to have somebody knocking on their windows, moving screens up," said South Brunswick Police Det. Dennis Yuhasz. 

Another homeowner, Jerry Makowski, said he came out of his home to find the screens up around his house. Police arrived the next day to take fingerprints off the windows, and those prints helped police identify and locate Rosario in Franklin Wednesday.

"He ultimately confessed to the entire crime spree for us," said Yuhasz. "He actually remembered a lot of the details."

Rosario remains in jail; attorney information wasn't immediately available. 

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