Smash Into a Booze-Filled Cannoli Confection in NYC This Weekend

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Gelso & Grand
Little Italy restaurant Gelso & Grand has been serving up Instagram-adored mega cannoli desserts that you can joyfully break into with small wooden mallet.
Gelso & Grand
Now the Italian eatery is serving up booze-infused cannolis this weekend -- with an extra shot of vodka on the side, naturally. Head chef Cat Schimenti is a pastry chef and former bartender who created the dessert-and-shot combo.
Gelso & Grand
The Sweet Surrender is a crispy thin waffle cannoli shell filled with blue raspberry vodka-infused cannoli filling on one side, garnished with cotton candy and a blue raspberry rock candy lollipop, and citron-flavored cannoli filling on the other side, with iced lemon cake, crispy lemon meringue and candied lemon wedges.
Gelso & Grand
Gelso & Grand
The Cocoa Loco is a crispy thin waffle cannoli shell filled with Svedka-soaked studded cherry filling with black forest cake topped with cherries on one side; and Black Russian filling (vanilla vodka blended with chocolate mascarpone) garnished with fudge brownies and salty pretzels on the other side.
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