Hit Man Hired for $500 Has ‘Change of Heart,' Shoots Ground Instead of Target: Police

A wannabe hit man hired to kill a woman's boyfriend for $500 was arrested when he failed to go through with the shooting, having had a "change of heart" as fired shots into the ground and air instead of at the man, police say. 

The 40-year-old Herberth Hernandez had been hired by Hamen Gonzalez-Cruz, 35, to kill the victim, according to Nassau police. Gonzalez-Cruz wanted the man out of the picture because he was involved in a relationship with the man's girlfriend. 

But when Hernandez confronted the victim in front of Uptown Restaurant Grill in Westbury Monday afternoon, he fired one shot into the ground and another into the air, unable to shoot the victim after having a "change of heart," police said. 

Gonzalez-Cruz had provided the gun to Hernandez, and both men were found behind a nearby building when officers arrived. An officer spotted Hernandez dropping the gun, and arrested him and Gonzalez-Cruz. 

The men are facing charges including conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. 

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