Hero Firefighter Delivers Baby in Cab

A newborn baby boy was ushered into the world with the help of a fast-acting firefighter, who delivered the bundle of joy in the back of a livery cab.

Firefighter Severino Genovese was riding in the back of Engine 284 when it stopped to assist a pregnant Brooklyn woman who had gone into labor in the back of the cab.  

The mother was sprawled out in the back of the car at 86th St. and Fort Hamilton Parkway in Bay Ridge and her baby was halfway out when Genovese ran up early Tuesday.

"The baby started to come [and] the cab driver, I guess, freaked out,” the hero firefighter said. The child's umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck. Genovese quickly freed the boy, who immediately started drawing healthy breaths.   

Paramedics arrived moments later, cut the cord and rushed the new family to nearby Lutheran Medical Center.

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