Here's What To Do If You Lose Your Job

Do you know how to handle unemployment?

Collecting unemployment checks is an experience millions of Americans are going through for the first time.

It can seem confusing, even intimidating.

Before you do anything, here are some basics:

+ Maximum benefits are $405 per week.
+ You file in the state where you worked.
+ To be eligible, you must have worked at least two calendar quarters, one in which you earned at least $1,600 and one in which you earned at least $800.

Also, you don't go to a state job center to file for unemployment. You need to call on the telephone or go to the Labor Department's Web site.

"That process is rather quick," said out-of-work artist Susie Shopie.

And to find out what important documents you need to have handy when you do apply, watch the video to the left.

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