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Here Are 5 Easy Steps for a Home Office Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

It's been one year since most New Yorkers transitioned to working from home due to the COVID pandemic. Here are 5 steps to revamp your at-home workspace, while boosting productivity.

March 22 marks the one-year anniversary since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo put the state on "PAUSE" due to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses from nearly every industry were forced to shut down or pivot, forcing many employees to turn to a remote work-life balance.

It's never too late to spruce up your home office, especially as more companies offer employees the option to work remote beyond the pandemic. If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to revamp an at-home workspace, a few tips may help to spruce things up and boost productivity.

The first step is to analyze the space you are given. Even the smallest Manhattan apartments have the ability for redesign by reimagining the square footage.

“How can you create more space in a given space? By bringing in stuff you can use, such as wall-to-ceiling mirrors. It opens up space immediately,” shared celebrity home decorator Shani Moran in a recent interview with NBC New York.

Another tip, Moran said, is to look at how furniture is already structured in the home, particularly watching the angles of various items. You don’t always have to buy a room divider to carve out personal space – repurpose what you already own.

“Once you have picked your spot, you can create corners in many ways. For example, you can bring in an armchair, and put a big plant or small table next to it for division,” Moran said.

Next up, focus on color and choose the right theme for your space. Whether it’s neutral or vibrant, pick out what vibe you want and incorporate it into the workspace while tying different tones of the same color into your lounging areas.

“Colors that ignite your energy are more primary, vibrant colors, but of course, you don’t have to mix all of that. Pick one or two and keep them for your workspace. That’s why people use plants because green is vibrant and brings life,” explained Moran.

The third trick: say ‘no’ to clutter. According to Moran, by reorganizing your space you create physical and mental clarity, especially in the bedroom, which tends to be forgotten.

“As you walk into the room, pick seven random items hanging around and then try to put them away. It’s not to take away that cozy feeling, but contain things that are not of use."

Speaking of the bedroom, as a fourth tip Moran suggests sprinkling in some intense color for those who wish to get more restful sleep.

“When it comes to design, a lot of people in the industry always go for neutral in the bedroom. But for some reason, keeping it neutral creates a feeling of emptiness. Some people need an intensity for color in order to feel like something is holding them together, almost like a warm feeling,” said Moran.

Stick to two shades of "intense" color that are not vibrant but still impactful, such as shade of copper, brown, red or burnt orange. Beyond color, don’t be afraid of experimenting with textures and patterns if they are of the same color family.

“Those patterns bring in a sense of richness that make it so cozy and sometimes very aristocratic,” shared Moran.

And lastly, this professional decorator wants everyone to understand one thing – don’t be afraid to trust your instinct. The number one aspect her clients tend to struggle with the most is a lack of confidence when it comes to interior décor and personal style.

“The one blessing out of this pandemic is understanding that our home is a place for us not only to recharge our batteries but invest ourselves. It’s act of selflove. If you invest into your space, you invest in yourself,” Moran said.

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