Artist Aims to Educate New Yorkers on Dog Poop

You’re walking down the street in downtown Manhattan showing off your new shoes until…you step in dog poop.

If that’s happened to you before, you’re not the only one.

Manhattan graphic designer Jason Shelowitz was so fed up with the lack of dog-owner etiquitte, that he has put up ads — and props — to help them out.

Shelowitz’ new ad, found on 14th street and 8th Ave., is of a Dalmatian doing the dirty -- and near his backside, is an actual dog poop bag dispenser.  

Talk about constructive advertising.

Last month, Shelowitz posted ads on the subway that called out the worst of subway manners. But he was asked to take them down.

But that didn't discourage Shelowitz from calling people out on their lack of etiquette. Who may actually make a difference.

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