Police ID Mystery Woman Found Unresponsive on Queens Street

Police have identified a woman they say was found incoherent and unresponsive on a Queens street corner over the weekend as 18-year-old Safiya McLean.

McLean, who police say is homeless, was found Saturday at the intersection of 131st Street and Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hills. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where she remains in critical but stable condition.

Video released by police Tuesday shows a man wearing sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt drive up to the curb near where the woman was found, get out of the car and walk around the back of the vehicle to the rear passenger side door. He fumbles around in the back seat for a nearly a minute, then emerges, holding a limp woman with a sweatshirt hood over her head beneath the armpits.

The woman's feet drag on the sidewalk as the man backs away from the car. He pulls her to a building and plops her on the ground; her head slumps forward as he tries to brace her body against the wall.

The man starts to walk away and the woman, without his support, slips down the building and rolls over, face first, onto the sidewalk. The man turns back briefly to look at her, then walks back to the car. The timestamp on the surveillance video indicates she was dumped around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. 

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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