Hells Angels Moves Headquarters to Bronx Neighborhood, Concerning Some Neighbors

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A Bronx community just got a new neighbor, and some locals aren't too thrilled with the group that will now be riding near their backyard barbecues.

Hells Angels just moved into their new clubhouse in the quiet Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, upsetting some who are concerned it will disrupt their peaceful water views.

The notorious motorcycle group has already decorated their new spot with their insignia on the front of the building, located on a stretch of road that is almost entirely residential.

Alejandro Coban hasn't met any of the members yet, but isn't sure he loves the idea of being right next to their new NYC home.

"The bikes are silent, they don't go 'vroom vroom' nice and low," he said. He also read up a little on the group, and on their old digs in the East Village.

In 2016, a member was charged with shooting a man in a parking spot dispute.

"So what happens the day they take my parking spot and I feel like, you know what God d----t I'm gonna go park my car in front (of theirs), am I going to get shot?"

But there are others in the community that say give the Hells Angels a chance to show maybe they are angelic neighbors. Comments on a community message board suggest this will now be the safest block in the Bronx.

"Honest to God, I truly believe they’re going to make it safer, I do, I have no problem with them here," said one woman who lived in the area, who added that one member stopped by her house to reach out and say hello.

Coban said he’d welcome one of those house calls, but in the meantime he’s worried about house values dropping. 

"Who wants to live next to them? They’re not called the angels from heaven or the community angels or the guardian angels," he said. "No, they’re called Hells Angels!"

The Hells Angels chapter is not commenting on the move publicly.

A staff lawyer for Councilmember Mark Gjonaj, who represents Throggs Neck, was part of the sale and represented the Hells Angels.  

NBC New York asked the council member’s spokesperson if that should’ve been disclosed, to which he said it was a private transaction and added that his office will make sure the Hells Angels abide by the law.

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