Rutgers Releases List of Prohibited Items For President Obama Commencement

Rutgers University marks its 250th anniversary commencement with an address from President Barack Obama, bringing heightened security along with it.

The following are a list of items prohibited from the commencement:

  • Liquids of any type
  • Empty bottles
  • Flowers or flower leis (flowers and gifts are available for purchase and pickup of preorders inside the stadium)
  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Backpacks
  • Purses
  • Bags (clear or otherwise)
  • Noisemaking devices (e.g., compressed air horns)
  • Mace or similar substances
  • Signs or banners of any size
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Beach balls
  • Balloons
  • Sticks, "selfie sticks" or poles
  • Pocket knives/multi-tools
  • Lighters
  • Laser pointers
  • Fireworks
  • Can openers
  • Weapons of any type
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Pets (except service animals)
  • Any items deemed dangerous and/or inappropriate by security staff
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