Muggy Conditions in Tri-State After Storms Sweep the Area

Muggy weather dampened much of the tri-state area Saturday in the wake of storms that hit parts of the region. However, residents can look forward to warmer weather on Sunday. 

Temperatures dipped into the 70s Saturday, with showers and storms likely throughout the day. 

Conditions will be more stable than Friday night. Trees were knocked down and thousands of residents lost power for hours at the height of a storm in northern New Jersey. Lights were slowly coming back by the end of the night. 

"The wind was ripping through here," said one resident in a Budd Lake, New Jersey apartment complex. 

New York City was spared the severity of the storm but suffered another stifling day with temperatures in the mid-80s earlier in the day. 

Sunday looks to be the nicest day of the weekend, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the 80s.

The pleasant weather forecast for Sunday will be a welcome respite from the oppressive heat and humidity that has gripped the tri-state this week. 

The heat was blamed on hundreds of power outages across the region as utilities struggled to keep up with demand from taxed air conditioners, and Gov. Cuomo directed state agencies to conserve power by shutting off lights and taking other measures outside of office hours.

And an 84-year-old Westchester County man was found passed out from the heat in his Westchester County home Thursday morning when utility workers responded to a call about a faulty gas thermometer. He was taken to the hospital as officials reminded New Yorkers to check on their elderly neighbors. 

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