Pools at Spa Castle Shut Down After Girl Nearly Drowns

The Health Department closed all the pools in Spa Castle’s Queens location following an investigation into a near drowning, authorities said. 

Signs at the facility said spa pools and outdoor pools are closed, but standing showers and sauna rooms are open. 

All the pools at the location could remain shut for weeks as the facility makes changes to meet requirements of the Health Department's special investigation, authorities said.

The Health Department launched an investigation after a girl nearly drowned in one of the spa pools at the Queens location on Feb. 19.

They discovered a water return feature in one of the pools that drew the victim underwater with excessive suction, authorities said.

They also found that emergency response by the staff was not consistent to what the staff told investigators from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The spa’s pools will have to remain closed until a revised safety plan is put in place, authorities said. It could take weeks or longer, authorities said. 

In response to the investigation, Spa Castle initially chose to close its entire Queens facility Monday while the changes are made.

In a statement Tuesday, the spa said it was "deeply committed to the safety of its patrons" and that "When our facility has received a citation, the issue has been swiftly and purposefully corrected."

One spa user said he was surprised to hear that the spa was shut down, but added that changes would need to be made. 

""I've never seen or heard anything like that," said Aaron Asad. "But that's very scary, I think something needs to be done."

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