Connecticut Town Residents Alarmed Over Hawk Attacks

Residents of one Connecticut town are growing increasingly alarmed over a series of hawk attacks. 

Hawks are no stranger to people living in Fairfield, where neighbors and nature usually converge without any trouble, and one-on-one encounters are rare. 

"We call it the 'duck pond' right here. This river connects straight to the sound. You can kayak out on it. We bring our dog out to walk pretty much every day," said Sarah Phillips, her dog Bentley nearby. 

But a recent string of hawk attacks on humans has left residents on alert. 

"I've seen them, but I've never seen them attack anybody," George Phillips said. "It's unusual."

One of the birds scratched a man's scalp near Sturges Road, and other residents — including a letter carrier and some animal control officers — have had to fight off feathery foes, according to Fairfield police. 

"I think it would be funny to see. As long as it wasn't me," Phillips said. 

Police think protective parenting may be playing a role in the aerial assaults. They believe a hawk couple built a nest somewhere in the neighborhood.

"The hawks in this area don't usually come to places where people stay," Zach Steves said. "They're usually out in the woods or hounding people's small dogs." 

Hungry hawks usually only target small critters, but family expansion can bring out stress in anyone. Animal control says to stay alert and stay away if you see them. 

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