Have NFL Owners Actually Been to New Jersey In February?

Speculation about Blizzard Bowl officially underway

Be careful what you wish for New Yorkers: this one may be more fun for TV viewers than fans at the stadium.

Salient facts to consider: average NJ high temperature on February 2nd: 39 degrees (make that 33 by kickoff time). Snowfall totals during the month: Up to 18 inches. Wind chill in the Meadowlands: don't ask.

"We often refer to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field (Green Bay) but we could always have the frozen tundra at the Meadowlands in early February," said Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel.

Not that that would stop New Yorkers, being New Yorkers, from going to the game.

"It's not too hot to go to South Africa to see the world cup, so it's not too cold to come to New York for the super bowl," said Myron McNeill as he watched basketball Tuesday at the 3rd Street courts in Greenwich Village.

"It don't matter if the wind chill is ten below or there's a blizzard, my girlfriend and I will be going to the super bowl," insisted Allen Angrum of Harlem.

Of course she might feel differently if he showed her video of the classic snow bowl playoff in Foxborough, MA a few years ago. The snow came down so fast and hard that at times it was hard to tell the Patriots from the Raiders.

"Everyone's worried about you can't play the super bowl under inclement conditions because it will detract from the game--nonsense!" says Mike Francesa of WNBC-TV's "Mike'd Up" and WFAN Radio.  "Some of the great games in NFL history are snow games," he adds.

And then there was the coldest NFL game on record. That was the 1967 "Ice Bowl" in Green Bay, a playoff game for polar bears that kicked off with the temperature at 13 below zero, and descending.

Meteorologists say at least the first ever open stadium super bowl in a cold weather city is safe from a repeat of that teeth clattering ignominy.

The all-time record low in the New York City metro area is 8-below, according to The Weather Channel's Seidel.

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