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Happening Today: Weinstein, Freeport Police Protest, Oldest Woman Funeral, Peter Mayhew

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Harvey Weinstein Due in Court for Pretrial

Harvey Weinstein wasn't the kind of criminal defendant New York lawmakers had in mind when they passed a law this year eliminating cash bail for most nonviolent crimes. Nevertheless, the Oscar-winning producer is due in court Friday for one of many proceedings that courts across the state are scheduling to apprise defendants of the reforms set to take effect Jan. 1. For poorer defendants facing lesser charges, these appearances could mean release from jail come the new year — or refunds for those who have posted bail. Those outcomes are less likely to happen in Weinstein's case, which is scheduled to go to trial in January.

Protest of Violent Arrest on Long Island

Police officers at a village on Long Island, one of whom is the mayor's son, became the subject of an investigation Thursday after a video of them violently arresting a man was posted on social media. The video shows two officers with their arms around Akbar Rogers, who was standing behind a metal fence, and attempting to pull him over. Another officer then helped pulled Rogers to the ground. That's when a fourth officer came in and started punching Rogers, the video shows. Community activist Rev. Joe Brown says he will lead a protest Friday in response to the incident. "The policemen have to learn that they can't be the judge the jury and the executioner themselves," he tells NBC New York.

Funeral for Harlem Resident, Oldest Woman in US

A funeral will be held Friday for the Harlem woman who celebrated her 114th birthday this summer, becoming the oldest woman in the U.S. Alelia Murphy passed away last month with her family at her side, according to 1199SEIU, a healthcare union where Murphy's daughter Rose Green is a retired member. Described as a "gift from God" by her daughter, Murphy raised two children by herself after her husband passed away. The family has been living in Harlem for decades.

Fans Remember 'Chewbacca' Actor Peter Mayhew

A public memorial service will be held in Los Angeles Friday for actor Peter Mayhew, who left an indelible mark on the movie world with his portrayal of Han Solo's Wookie companion and copilot Chewbacca in the original trio of "Star Wars" films. According to his family, Mayhew died earlier this May. He was 74 years old.

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