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Happening Today: United Airlines, Nightclub Shooting, Kushner, Allergies, Michael Che, Cheryl

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  • United Airlines is facing backlash after two girls wearing leggings were denied entry onto a flight because of "improper attire"
  • New research suggests people with a single tree nut or peanut allergy may not need to avoid all nuts in their diet
  • Actress Samira Wiley and producer-writer Lauren Morelli from the Netflix show "Orange Is The New Black" have married

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Internet Erupts After United Airlines Boots Girls for Wearing Leggings

United Airlines is facing backlash from customers after two girls wearing leggings were denied entry onto a flight because a gate agent deemed their attire improper, NBC News reported. One passenger said she was waiting to board a plane to Mexico for vacation when she overheard a female gate agent deny entry to a young girl wearing gray leggings and saying "I don't make the rules, I just enforce them." The girl, who the passenger said was about 10 or 11 years old, had a dress in her backpack to put over the leggings and was eventually allowed onto the flight. Two other female passengers who did not have a change of clothes were also denied entry, she said. The airline defended the decision on Twitter.

Police Search for Suspects in Deadly Nightclub Shooting, Authorities Say

Cincinnati police searched for suspects in a nightclub shooting that left one man dead and 15 other people injured and sent club patrons diving to the ground to dodge bullets in what they described as a chaotic and terrifying scene. A gunfight broke out inside the crowded Cameo club after a dispute among several patrons escalated into a shootout, authorities said. Some 200 people were inside the club near the Ohio River east of downtown Cincinnati at the time. O'Bryan Spikes, 27, was killed and 15 other people were injured. At least five victims remained hospitalized. A University of Cincinnati Medical Center spokeswoman said two were in critical condition and three were in stable. No suspects were in custody in the shooting at the club, which police said has a history of gun violence.

Trump Son-in-Law to Lead New Office for Federal Overhaul

President Trump plans to debut a new office to streamline and overhaul the federal government, and he intends to name his son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner as its head, the White House told NBC News. Plans for the new structure, to be called the White House Office of American Innovation, were first reported by The Washington Post. The Post reported Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, a highly controversial figure, would have no formal role in the operation. Kushner, 36, is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka. He was an influential figure in the presidential campaign and was appointed as a senior advisor to the new president in January. Before his White House appointment in January, Kushner was a successful real estate developer in New York City and owner of The New York Observer, a weekly newspaper.

A New Twist on Nut Allergies, Research Shows

New research suggests people with a single tree nut or peanut allergy may not need to avoid all nuts in their diet. The research from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology examined 109 people known to be allergic to a specific nut, like walnuts, almonds or cashews. Despite blood or skin prick tests that showed a sensitivity to other nuts, 50 percent of those patients had no reaction when doctors had the patients actually eat the other nuts, and very few of those diagnosed with a peanut allergy in the study ended up clinically allergic to tree nuts. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said most children by age 6 months should have a little taste of peanut butter or another food with peanut in it. Research shows babies exposed to peanut by then are 80-percent less likely to develop a peanut allergy. 

Actress, Producer-Writer of Popular Netflix Show Marry

An actress and producer-writer from "Orange Is The New Black" have married. Actress Samira Wiley, who plays the character Poussey Washington on the Netflix show, and Lauren Morelli wed in Palm Springs, where they were engaged. Publicist Scott Boute says both women wore gowns designed by Christian Siriano. Wiley, 29, will also appear in the upcoming series "The Handmaid's Tale," based on the 1985 novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood that depicts New England under a totalitarian theocracy. Morelli, 34, has worked as a writer, story editor and producer of "Orange Is the New Black," which depicts life inside a women's prison, since 2014. 

'SNL' Star Says He’s Not Backing Away From Boston Racism Comment

"Saturday Night Live" star Michael Che is not backing away from comments he made about Boston, which he called the "most racist city" he has ever visited. The Boston Globe reports that the co-anchor of "Weekend Update" told a Boston University crowd about how he received angry messages on social media after he made the comment on "SNL" the night before the Super Bowl. He responded to one woman by urging her to "talk to your closest black friend and ask them to explain it to you." He says the woman responded by answering, "Touché." Che, who often jokes about President Donald Trump on the NBC show, told the audience he never apologizes for language or controversial statements because he's "just trying to be more presidential." 

Cheryl and Partner Liam Payne Have First Son, Couple Says

Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl and her partner Liam Payne of One Direction fame have announced the birth of their first child. Cheryl, 33, said on Instagram that their son was born last week and has not been named. She says "although he still doesn't have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival." Payne, 23, who is now also a solo artist, said he was "incredibly happy" and posted a photo of himself with the baby. Cheryl was known as Cheryl Cole when she was in Girls Aloud. She has also been a judge on the "The X Factor," the show that Payne competed on before he was placed into One Direction.

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