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Happening Today: Trump Visits, Gun Reform Rally, NYC TLC, NJ Double Homicide Funeral

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President Trump Visits Victims of Mass Shootings in Ohio, Texas

President Donald Trump is bringing a message aimed at national unity and healing to the sites of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. But the words he offers for a divided America will be complicated by his own incendiary, anti-immigrant rhetoric that mirrors language linked to one of the shooters. It is a highly unusual predicament for an American president to at once try to console a community and a nation at the same time he is being criticized as contributing to a combustible climate that can spawn violence. White House officials said Trump's visits Wednesday to Texas and Ohio, where 31 people were killed and dozens wounded, would be similar to those he's paid to grieving communities including Parkland, Florida, and Las Vegas, with the president and first lady saluting first responders and spending time with mourning families and survivors.

New York State Senator Joins Gun Reform Rally on Long Island

New York State Sen. Jim Gaughran will join activists, gun violence survivors, faith leaders, and other state and local elected officials at a rally on Long Island Wednesday, calling for Congress to introduce gun reforms in the wake of the latest mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Funeral for New York Comedy Club Owner Killed Along His Nanny in New Jersey

Funeral for David Kimowitz will take place Wednesday after he was found dead in his home Saturday in an apparent double homicide. A jilted lover of the 40-year-old's au pair stabbed him to death and chased the woman down in the street before stabbing and killing her, according to a criminal complaint. Kimowitz owned The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club in New York's Union Square. Comedian Rich Vos posted that Kimowitz was a "great guy and friend." Aaron Berg wrote Kimowitz was "essential to New York." Paul Virzi said it was "just sickening."

NYC TLC to Vote on City Proposal That Could Impact Low-Income Drivers

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is expected to vote on proposed regulations by the city that will impact more than 80,000 New York drivers on Wednesday. According to The drivers union, Independent Drivers Guild, says it wants the TLC to delay the vote until the effects of the proposals are fully understood. One of the new regulations include the extension of the "vehicle cap," which would make the cap of TLC for-hire licenses go on indefinitely. The city is also proposing to cap the percentage of time ride-share drivers can spend in Manhattan’s "core."

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