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Happening Today: Jersey City Schools, Snow, Horowitz, NYE '20'

Here's what to know for Wednesday, December 11.

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Jersey City Schools Delay Opening

Public schools across Jersey City have delayed opening until 10 a.m. Wednesday in the aftermath of the terrifying shooting that placed several nearby schools on lockdown on Tuesday. As investigations continue into a Jersey City shooting sprawl that left a police officer and three bystanders dead, law enforcement officials are looking into growing concerns that the targeting of a kosher market was motivated by hate or terrorism-related.

Temperatures Plummet, Bringing Snow

A damp tri-state will continue to see precipitation fall on Wednesday, but will see the raindrops turn to snowflakes thanks to a plummet in temperatures. After two days of warmer-than-usual conditions and steady showers, Wednesday will start off with snow for the region as the thermometer drops about 30 degrees overnight, Storm Team 4 says.

General Michael Horowitz Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Wednesday will testify before congress following the release of the Justice Department's 434-page report which found that the Russia investigation was opened for a proper cause and was not affected by political bias. Contrary to the claims of the president, the report rejected allegations that a former Trump campaign aide at the center of the probe was set up by the FBI.

Times Square New Year's Eve '20' Numbers Delivery

Two seven-foot-tall numerals will be delivered to Times Square on Wednesday ahead of the iconic New Year's Eve celebrations. The second "20" in 2020 will mark the start of a new decade. Thousands of people flock to Times Square every year for an unforgettable

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