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Happening Today: Comey, Myanmar Plane, New Fossils, Iman and David Bowie

What to Know

  • Comey will testify that Trump sought his loyalty and urged him to stop investigating his first national security adviser, he says
  • Our species may have been around longer than originally thought after bones that are about 300,000 years old were unearthed in Morocco
  • Supermodel Iman has paid tribute to late husband David Bowie on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary

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Trump Said “I Need Loyalty, I Expect Loyalty,” Comey Says

Fired FBI Director James Comey will testify that President Trump sought his loyalty and urged him to stop investigating his first national security adviser, encounters that left Comey feeling uncomfortable, he says in a statement submitted to the Senate. "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty," Trump allegedly demanded, according to a statement Comey submitted to the Senate intelligence committee. The statement detailing Comey's one-on-one interactions with Trump was released one day before Comey will appear before the committee. It confirms Trump's assertion that Comey assured him three times that he was not personally under investigation and explains why Comey shared that information with Trump. According to the document, Comey first volunteered the information during a Jan. 6 meeting at Trump Tower. He told Trump again that he was not under investigation during a Jan. 27 dinner at the White House and a third time during a March 30 phone call when Trump pressed him on the issue, according to Comey.

Bodies, Aircraft Parts Found in Search for Myanmar Plane

A navy ship found bodies and aircraft parts in the seas off Myanmar while searching for a military transport plane carrying 120 people, a spokesman said. The Chinese-made Y-8 turboprop aircraft disappeared about a half-hour after leaving Myeik, also known as Mergui, for Yangon on a route that would have taken it over the Andaman Sea. It was raining, but not heavily, at the time. Nine naval ships, five army aircraft and three helicopters were searching for the plane, a military spokesman said. Gen. Myat Min Oo said the ship found two life jackets, three bodies and a tire that was part of an aircraft wheel. The bodies were of a man, a woman and a child. The wreckage was found in the sea west of the town of Laung Lone.

Intel Chiefs Refuse to Answer Trump-Russia Questions

Lawmakers verbally sparred with top intelligence chiefs after they staunchly refused to answer questions about conversations they had with President Trump regarding probes into Russian activities during the election. Members of the Senate intelligence committee wanted to know about news reports claiming Trump had asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, to publicly state that there was no evidence of collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. Trump has consistently pushed back against suggestions that his campaign coordinated with Russia and says the investigations into the matter are a hoax.

This Is Us: Earliest Fossils of Our Species Found in Morocco

How long has our species been around? New fossils from Morocco push the evidence back by about 100,000 years. The bones, about 300,000 years old, were unearthed thousands of miles from the previous record-holder, found in fossil-rich eastern Africa. The new discovery reveals people from an early stage of our species' evolution, with a mix of modern and more primitive traits. Coupled with other evidence, the Moroccan fossils suggest that Homo sapiens may have reached its modern-day form in more than one place within Africa, said Hublin, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the College of France in Paris. Previously, the oldest known fossils clearly from Homo sapiens were from Ethiopia, at about 195,000 years old.

Iman Remembers Late Husband David Bowie on 25th Anniversary

Supermodel Iman has paid tribute to late husband David Bowie on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary. Iman posted a photo of Bowie kissing her forehead on Twitter. The post included the words, "I would walk forever, just to be in your arms again." She tweeted, "June 6th #BowieForever," with the picture. Bowie and Iman officially married in Switzerland in April 1992, but held a church ceremony in Italy on June 6 of that year. They had one daughter together, who's now 16. Bowie died last year at 69, following a battle with cancer.

Noel Gallagher Donating Song Royalties to Manchester Fund

Noel Gallagher is donating royalties from Oasis' song "Don't Look Back In Anger" to the One Love Manchester fund. A spokesperson for the production companies behind the benefit concert said that neither Gallagher nor Oasis was set to perform. The statement says Gallagher told organizers that he would donate the royalties and approved using Oasis' music at the concert. His brother Liam Gallagher performed at the benefit concert, fueling speculation the brothers would reunite. Oasis disbanded in 2009. Liam Gallagher criticized his brother's absence, saying he had shown his "true colours." Coldplay's Chris Martin later defended Noel, saying everyone knew in advance he could not make it.

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