Hail to the Queens!

Borough's residents are happiest in Gotham

Across the five boroughs, no one is happier than the denizens of Queens.

The city's most diverse borough is also its most satisfied, with 51 percent saying they are "very satisfied" with the quality of life in their neighborhood, according to a new report from the Citizens Committee for New York City (PDF).

Another 43 percent said they are somewhat satisfied and a mere 6 percent said they are not at all satisfied. Despite their overall happiness, one-fifth of folks in the nabe hope to move someplace else.

Coming in second in were Staten Islanders, with 41 percent being very satisfied and 6 percent not at all satisfied.

Next was the island of Manhattan, with a 38/10 split,  and fourth was the county of Kings, Brooklyn, at 27/19.

Bringing up the rear was the Bronx, the only borough in the city where more people were not at all satisfied, 25 percent, than are very satisfied, 24 percent.

Other nuggets revealed by the survey show that blacks outnumber whites 40 to 39 percent; 61 percent rent their homes, while 33 percent own; 79 percent say they can help improve their 'hood, only 6 percent think there's nothing they can do; 48 percent fear they'll be priced out of their neighborhood in the next five years, but only 31 percent are interested in moving to a different neighborhood.

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