Ghost Sightings at the Hotel Chelsea

Guests report some freaky freaky happenings

Recent guests of the Hotel Chelsea are reporting strange sightings at the legendary Manhattan establishment, writing in to its local blog with reports of skeletons in the closet, high-pitched screams, the sound of footsteps, and the face of deceased writer Dylan Thomas, who died in room 206 in 1953.

The hotel has long been followed by rumors of ghosts, ghouls, and lost souls wandering its hallways. Its rich history as a frequent host to cultural icons of the arts leaves some to suspect that a few never left.

In the most recent report, a woman, her sister, and their mother reported problems with the lights, writing "the lights in our bathroom and hallway went off and on over and over while we were there," later adding they heard a high-pitched woman's scream, a sink that kept turning on and off, and strange bubbles rising up from the drain.

And then there's the picture. After taking a seemingly normal picture of a closet in the room, there appeared to be a skeleton peaking out from behind the door frame. She writes, "It wasn't there in real life." 

So what do you think? Do these reports confirm suspicions that the place is haunted, or are we all just falling into the Halloween hype?

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