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Grinch, Spider-Man in Cuffs After Getting in Way of Rockefeller Center Tree-Goers

Costumed characters are under NYPD custody for allegedly forming a human wall at Rockefeller Center.
Acid Cat Sullivan

What to Know

  • Costumed characters at Rockefeller Center were taken into police custody Thursday after they allegedly formed a human wall, blocking foot traffic
  • Unidentified people dressed up as Spider-Man, Captain America and the Grinch were given criminal court summonses
  • Some of the characters have migrated from Times Square to Rockefeller for the holidays

Call him the Grinch who blocked traffic.

Police issued a summons Thursday to a man dressed as Dr. Seuss' famed yuletide killjoy for getting in the way of pedestrians flocking to the Christmas tree at New York City's Rockefeller Center.

Police also gave criminal court summonses to men dressed as Marvel superheroes Spider-Man and Captain America. All three could face fines for disorderly conduct.

New rules at Times Square force street performers and costumed characters to stay within bounds of color-coded areas called “designated activity zones.” They’re not happy about it.

Police didn't provide their names.

It's common to see people dressed as famous characters posing for photographs and collecting tips in nearby Times Square, where city rules limit them to operating in certain zones.

Those rules don't apply to Rockefeller Center, which teems with tourists during the holiday season. There, police say, no one is allowed to block pedestrians or cars.

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