Grief Counselors on Hand Monday After Stabbing Death of 7-Year-Old NJ Student

The 17-year-old son who was stabbed trying to protect his little brother survived the attack

A home in Paterson where police say a 7-year-old child was fatally stabbed.
News 4

Grief counselors are on hand in two Paterson public schools Monday and will be again Wednesday as classmates and staff mourn the death of a 7-year-old boy who police alleged was stabbed to death by his mother over the weekend.

The mother, 46-year-old Iris Tolentino, also allegedly stabbed her 17-year-old son when he tried to protect his little brother from the Saturday morning attack on Sixth Street. The teen survived. Tolentino faces murder and attempted murder charges.

A third son, a 15-year-old, was home at the time but was not hurt, officials say.

Officials said Tolentino injured two officers when she resisted arrest. She was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. Authorities haven't yet released any additional information, including a possible motive, in the case.

The superintendent for Paterson schools called the boy's death an "extremely traumatic situation" and said virtual counseling would be provided as well as in-person at the schools of the two stabbed brothers this week.

“Everyone in the Paterson Public School District is shocked and saddened by the tragic incident on Saturday that led to a child’s death and a teenager’s injuries," Superintendent Eileen Shafer said in a statement. "We pray for the family who has sustained such great tragedies in a single day, and for our own Paterson Public Schools family as all of the victims are enrolled in our schools."

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