2nd Mountain Lion Possibly Spotted in Greenwich

Months after a mountain lion was seen lurking in Connecticut, there are reports that there might be another one.

Some residents of a Greenwich gated-community have been warned to keep an eye out after someone reported seeing the animal last week, according to the Greenwich Time

Residents at The Chieftains -- a gated community in northwest Greenwich -- received a letter telling them to keep an eye out for another mountain lion, which are most active at dawn, dusk and at night, the Time reports. 

Greenwich police said they have received no new reports or cougars in town. 

Two months ago, a mountain lion was spotted in the same area. The animal later was struck and killed by a car on Route 15 in Milford, according to state officials. 

Officials from the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection said that mountain lion traveled 1,500 miles from South Dakota to Connecticut.

DEEP officials said there have been other reports of mountain lions seen in the state, but none of those have been backed up by any physical evidence, such as paw prints or mountain lion excrement.

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