Greenpoint Ferry Landing Reopens After Abrupt Closure Over Real Estate Dispute

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A property dispute in Brooklyn left commuters high and dry, looking for another ferry route all weekend most of the day Monday.

The first ferry of the morning was supposed to depart Greenpoint Landing at 7 a.m. but city ferries skipped the Brooklyn stop until Monday evening.

It was just after 4 p.m. wen the first ferry in three days was able to make its scheduled stop.

"That's wild. If you have to get to work and you call your work. What you tell your job?" Derrick Evans said.

A private real estate company bought the pier and surrounding waterfront property last month. The city's economic development corporation says the landlord and ferry company had to resolve an insurance problem before the public could have access to the pier.

Since Saturday morning, ferries had to bypass Greenpoint forcing commuters to find a different route.

"If I have the choice between ferry and subway I'll always take the ferry," said Radek Pikuc.

"It's a quizzical situation. We are hopeful we can resolve it today," Mayor Bill de Blasio said at his daily briefing. The mayor optimistic the situation would be resolved quickly and by Monday evening ferries were able to stop at Greenpoint Landing again.

Still, commuters wonder how it got to this point.

"If you don't alert the public how would you know? Especially if you came all the way over here to catch the ferry and it's just like 'oh I can't catch the ferry,'" Victoria Harrison said.

The city's economic development commission says the insurance issue was resolved.

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