88-Year-Old Grandma Gets the Bicycle She Never Had in Epic Family Surprise

Eugene Fusco's 88-year-old grandmother always talked about never having a bicycle. When his 6-year-old son started riding a bike, Fusco's wife Sarah says he realized how much it would mean to give his grandmother the chance she never had.

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Sarah Fusco
Sarah Fusco
An 88-year-old grandmother from Pennsylvania has been talking about her lack of ever having a bike for years, "long before I was ever part of the family," the woman's granddaughter-in-law Sarah Fusco says.
Fusco says her husband, Eugene, realized how much it would mean to the grandmother for her to have a bike when their 6-year-old son started to ride. A lightbulb went off.
Sarah Fusco
The 6-year-old son, Andrew, started collecting parts and bought an old tricycle and office chair from a thrift store, among other items, to help build a tandem bike setup using the grandma's wheelchair.
Fusco says the family was waiting for a beautiful morning to launch the surprise, and that happened on Sunday as they headed to the Schuylkill River Trail.
Sarah Fusco
"There was a 50/50 chance that she would even get on it, but she knew the love that went into making this and didn’t think twice," Fusco says.
Sarah Fusco
Grandma got on with the help of two of her own daughters, Fusco said, and the rest is immortalized in adorable family photos.
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