Cuomo Heckled by Lawmaker at State of the State Address

State Assemblyman Charles Barron fought for the spotlight with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the State of the State address in Albany Wednesday, heckling the governor as he delivered his remarks.

Barron, a Democrat represents the district including East New York, Brooklyn in the State Assembly, is known as a flamboyant and opinionated lawmaker, prone to radical public statements.

“Everybody sees you and everybody heard you,” Cuomo said dismissively to Barron, trying to get him to quiet down.

“Okay assemblyman, have a seat assemblyman,” Cuomo said before Barron was escorted out by another lawmaker.

The Democratic governor, who was speaking about compromise in Albany under his administration when he was interrupted, then finished his thought.

“We refuse to be intimidated. We refuse to be shouted down,” Cuomo said as the audience began to applaud.

"We're goiong to kick the extremists to the side ... Just because you yell, doesn’t mean you’re right,” Cuomo said to loud applause from the audience. 

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