New York

A Goose – Yes, A Goose – Delays Subway Service on the Q Line in Brooklyn

The MTA turned off power so responders could get the bird off the tracks

Even by New York standards, this is a new one. 

Subway service on the Q line in Brooklyn suffered delays Monday afternoon after a goose got onto the tracks at Parkside Avenue.

"Southbound Q trains are running express from Prospect Park to Kings Hwy while the NYPD removes a goose from the tracks at Parkside Av," NYC Transit tweeted just after 1:40 p.m. Monday.

In response to a concerned rider's question about the goose's fate, the agency responded that "power has been removed from the tracks and emergency personnel are working to remove the goose safely from tracks."

It was not immediately clear how the goose got on the tracks, or where it originated. (The station adjoins the southeast corner of Prospect Park, not far from Duck Island.)

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