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Good Samaritan Saves Man's Life After Fiery Motorcycle Crash in Egg Harbor Township

“People were shouting, ‘There’s a man on fire,’” Mike Price said. “I was on adrenaline at that point.”

A Good Samaritan’s quick actions saved the life of a man who caught fire during a motorcycle crash in the West Atlantic City section of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Robert Bostic, 46, of Mays Landing, New Jersey, was riding his motorcycle along Black Horse Pike around 4 p.m. Friday when he struck a curb and rolled over. The crash caused both Bostic and his motorcycle to catch fire. Mike Price, who lives across the street from the scene, heard the crash and saw the black smoke rise.

“I grabbed my fire extinguisher,” Price said.

Price assumed at first that it was only a car fire before quickly realizing it was far worse.

“People were shouting, ‘There’s a man on fire,’” Price said. “I was on adrenaline at that point.”

Price climbed over a concrete median and found Bostic lying on the ground and on fire. 

“He said, ‘Put the fire out on me. Put the fire out on me.’ I said, ‘I am.’ And I did,” Price told NBC10. 

Price used his extinguisher to put out the flames on Bostic’s pants.

“Sometimes we have to take action immediately in a situation until the help arrives and that’s just what I did,” Price said.

Bostic was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. Price told NBC10 he was in touch with Bostic’s wife over the weekend.

“She was happy that I was able to help her husband and she said there is improvement but he’s still in critical condition,” Price said.

Price said he’s had multiple fire extinguishers in his home for years but never actually thought he’d have to use one for an emergency until Friday.

“This was my first time and I’m hoping it’s my last time I ever have to use one,” Price said. “But I was prepared.”

Price considers himself a citizen who was able to react as a first responder.

“I think it’s a duty that we all have to help one another,” he said.

His neighbor, Tom Boody, believes he’s a hero.

“He saved his life,” Boody said. “Bottom line, Mike saved his life.”

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