Gold, Diamond-Covered Watch Worth $100,000 Left at Newark Security Checkpoint: TSA

A gold, diamond-encrusted Cartier watch valued at more than $100,000 was left behind at a security checkpoint in Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this week, authorities said.

A Transportation Security Administration officer spotted the custom-made watch, the face of which was covered in more than 100 diamonds, unclaimed at the Terminal C checkpoint Tuesday and put it in a lost and found bin.

The watch's trim and band were also covered in hundreds of tiny diamonds, authorities said.

Federal officials managed to track the watch, which also had hundreds of tiny diamonds covering its trim and band, to the owner, a real estate entrepreneur from Japan who oversees multiple hotels and resorts in his country and other countries.

Authorities say the entrepreneur accidentally left the watch at the checkpoint as he passed through on his way home. Through a colleague in New Jersey, he sent TSA officers photos of him wearing it.

The colleague in New Jersey picked up the watch Thursday and told TSA authorities he planned to fly to Japan later in the evening to personally deliver the watch its owner.

TSA at Newark also reunited a four-carat diamond ring with its owner two years ago after it was found on the floor at one of the airport checkpoints.

Travelers who believe they may have lost an item at a TSA checkpoint can contact TSA to try to find their item. Lost and found information is posted on the agency's website.

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