Global Game Jam Gathers at NYU, Columbia

Starting at 5 p.m. Friday afternoon and running through 5 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 1, over 1,750 amateur and professional game developers around the world will gather for the Global Game Jam, "a worldwide event challenging game developers to create innovative games in just 48 hours." 

"The first Global Game Jam is an opportunity for the world to see the innovative and creative games and ideas that the interactive entertainment industry has to offer,” said Susan Gold, founder of Global Game Jam.  Here in New York, developers will embrace that opportunity at both NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and Columbia University's Grace Dodge Hall for the 2-day event, as both locations are hosting the game-enthusiasts. 

At Columbia, worn down developers will find a rest area to hang out in, "though without cots or bedding," and are being told to BYO sleeping bags.  For fans of gaming who want to watch, but can't commit the full 48-hours, event organizers have partnered up with live-streaming site Ustream.TV to broadcast the events from a number of the locations live on the web. 

"This is a great event, where video game developers are coming together from around the world to showcase their talents,” said Brad Hunstable, president of, adding, “Ustream is happy to be able to bring this great content to the world LIVE!"

If UStream is indeed showing either New York City game jam, this means you can order the participants pizza and watch them eat it in real-time!  And that's the real technological advancement in all of this.  NYU's event is on the 4th floor of 721 Broadway, while Columbia's is at 525 W 120th Street. 

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