NJ High School Wrestlers Accused of Inappropriate Touching

The victims were three male middle school students, police said.

Two New Jersey high school wrestlers have been arrested and accused of inappropriately touching three younger middle school boys.

Glen Rock Police said the incidents allegedly happened at the middle school during an after-school activity last week.

One of the teens held down the younger kids while the other older teen touched them, authorities said. The older kids are 15 and the younger students are 11.

The high school students were served with the complaint at their homes Monday morning, and have been charged as juveniles with juvenile delinquency.

Police did not elaborate on the specifics of what happened but said the charges, if committed by an adult, would have been for counts of aggravated criminal sexual contact and lewdness.

Parents and kids at the school said the charges, if true, were disturbing.

"It was just wrong," said Evan Brooke, 16.

"Any inappropriate touching is wrong, whether male or female," said Robert Dill, father of two daughters, 11 and 13.

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