Girls Use Facebook to Relieve Prom Dress Worries

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There is perhaps nothing more horrifying to a high school student than showing up to the prom wearing the same dress as the girl who sits behind you in math class. 

To insure that doesn't happen, Facebook is coming to the rescue. 

Students are posting their dresses on the social networking Website, so other girls don't buy the same frock.

Once the group is developed and made public, each girl is invited place a photo of their dress and their name to "claim" the dress.  And if for any reason two girls have identical dresses, the girl whose dress is posted on the site can say she had it first.

The idea started a couple years ago and in a short time has spread to nearly every school across the country. 

One page said, their site "can avoid any sticky situations of duplicate dresses and everyone is happy". 

Mary MacDonald tells the MetroWest Daily News that she's surprised at how quickly the idea has taken off. She says a prom dress is special and it's disappointing when someone else is wearing the same thing.

Boutiques have kept a registry of dresses and which prom they sell it to for year to make sure they do not sell the dress twice.  But with the growing use of technology amongst high school students, it has become easier to turn to the web. 

Cassandra Koch, a junior at Natick High School in Massachusetts, says the one down side of posting pictures of your dress is that it is no longer a surprise at the prom. But most agree that it would be far more embarrassing to duplicate. 

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