Three Baby Giraffes Born at Six Flags in New Jersey as Giraffe Pregnancy Captivates World

If you're dying to get a glimpse of New York giraffe April's baby, this gallery of newborn baby giraffes should hopefully tide you over until she gives birth.

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Six Flags Great Adventure
As the world waits with bated breath for New York giraffe April to give birth on a live stream, several less famous giraffes have given birth under the radar.
Six Flags Great Adventure
New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure has seen three female baby giraffes born in the last five months.
Six Flags Great Adventure
This is Mika, a 2-year-old who has just welcomed a baby sister. Giraffe pregnancy lasts about 13 to 15 months with a typical newborn calf weighing about 150 - 200 pounds.
Six Flags Great Adventure
Baby Mika just after she was just born. Giraffe mothers give birth standing up, and their newborn calves normally stand about 6-feet tall.
Six Flags Great Adventure
Baby Xena was born to her mom Georgia in January. The Six Flags’ giraffes are reticulated giraffes, also known as Somali giraffes, and are native to northeastern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia.
Six Flags Great Adventure
Xena goes for a stroll with her mom, Georgia. Six Flags Great Adventure visitors can see the babies on the Safari Off Road Adventure in Jackson, NJ from Apr. 1.
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