Adorable White-Cheeked Gibbon Born at Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is welcoming an adorable baby gibbon to its rainforest habitat, and zookeepers say the white-cheeked critter is the first of its kind born at the zoo in more than a decade.

The white-cheeked gibbon was born to proud parents Christine ("Kicks") and Milton. It's the first offspring for the 15-year-old father and the 11th for the 35-year-old mother, the zoo said.
White-cheeked gibbons are a critically endangered species native to parts of Vietnam, Lao PDR, and China. The species is threatened by deforestation and hunting.
All gibbons are born with a buff coat that turns black over their first two years. Once they reach sexual maturity, males remain black and females change to a lighter color. Zookeepers haven't yet determined if the baby gibbon is male or female.
Kicks, Milton and their new baby live in JungleWorld, an indoor Asian rainforest habitat that features several multi-species exhibits. The naturalistic habitats are home to animals found in the jungles of Asia, including the white-cheeked gibbons, ebony and silvery langurs, Malay tapirs, Asian small-clawed otters, as well as many different species of reptiles, birds, and fish. 
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