Dump Truck Left Nose-Up in Giant Hole After Parking Garage Collapse

A collapse at a parking garage Wednesday left a large dump trucl stuck in a hole.

Dramatic footage from Chopper 4 showed a giant hole where the structure of the parking garage on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen had collapsed Wednesday afternoon. 

Inside the hole, the truck could be seen perched nose-up in the debris. Police provided NBC 4 cell phone video that showed the truck had crashed through two levels of the parking building before coming to a halt steps away from a Chuckie Cheese restaurant hosting a field trip for children.

North Bergen police chief Robert Dowd said, despite the truck landing vertical, the driver was unhurt. "Not a scratch on him thankfully ... in fact, there are no injuries in this accident which is remarkable because of where the truck fell," he said.

Workers at the nearby Burlington Coat Factory on the other side of the parking lot said they felt the ground shake when the truck crashed through the roof.

"We heard the sound like "boom" so we came to see what happened ... and we saw the truck was coming through the floor," witness Nicole Polanco said.

The entire mall had to be evacuated, and the structural integrity of the complex is being investigated. There is currently no timeline for reopening. 

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